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Stitch ur tear ducts shut

The world crumbling into nothing will always feel better with you in it

Three musketeers
Three lone wolves
Our conductor the queen
Heads held high
Driven by the distinctive moonlight
Bound to one another
Moving to the sound of moths
As our souls drift as tranquil as sloths
Dancing in the rain forest as one
Despite differences in our origin, we stuck together in Oregon
where we buried our organs
Life is simple when its with you two
But I’ve witnessed heaven with us three, as tall as trees
We are nothing
But in regards to unison we are the sum of all things
Deep as the sky, wide as the ocean as it drowns
We bury the sirens of mermaid sounds
Our hearts bruised, tarnished, diminished, and weary
Where we bruised, tarnished, diminished ourselves
Despite the phoenix in the valley of death
We reign supreme as sun lords
We wish we never touched the surface of the sun
So we fled to the moon